In this overview you will find the basic code snippets at a glance. For more details click on the respective feature.

Script XML

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Present documents
<node id="presentDocs001" type="File">
   <attachment fileCode="doc01" attach="true"/>

Fill in forms
<node id="completeForm001" type="Form">
<name>Fill in forms</name>
<title>Details about the customer</title>
<text>Complete the following</text>
   <field name="company name" text="Company name" />
   <field name="birth names" text="First name" />
   <field name="family name" text="Last name" />

Make Choices
<node id="makeChoices001" type="Choice">
<name>Make choices</name>
<title>I can show you the following</title>
<text>Make a choice:</text>
   <option value="Presentation"><text>Give a presentation.</text><goto>Node1</goto></option>
   <option value="Screen"><text>Share my screen.</text><goto>Node2</goto></option>
   <option value="Form"><text>Fill in a form.</text><goto>Node3</goto></option>
   <option value="Offer"><text>The customer signs.</text><goto>Node4</goto></option>

Upload documents
<node id="uploadDocs001" type="Upload">
<name>Upload documents</name>
   <upload name="curriculum vitae" description="CV client" externalId="doc01" fileTypes="pdf,jpg" mandatory="false" />

Download documents
<node id="downloadDocs001" type="Download">
<title>The title of the node</title>
   <attachment templateCode="doc02" />

Autogenerate and send emails 

<node id="sendMail001" type="Email">
<name>Autogenerate and send emails</name>
   <attachment fileCode="pres01" attach="true" />
   <attachment templateCode="att01" attach="true" />
   <attachment uploadId="document1" attach="true" />

Sign documents 
<node id="signDocs001" type="Sign">
<name>Sign documents</name>
   <sign fileCode="testdoc"> <position left="105" top="180"/></sign>

Html & embed iframes 
<node id="html001" type="Template">
<name>Html and embed iframes</name>

Present videos
<node id="presentVideo001" type="Template">
<name>Present videos</name>


Add the following code on the second line of your script, between <flow> and <nodes>



In order to automatically generate emails and documents you need to create templates. Those templates will be converted in an email or in a PDF file.

To re-use the information collected during the online meeting you can add field names to those templates. Below you can find a few examples of those templates. At the bottom of the page you can also download a few examples in html.

Templates can be created with the template editor.
For advanced users: it is possible to use html and CSS style sheets (see account settings).

Templates to:
Autogenerate documents 
Automatically generate PDFs including information collected in the online meeting (forms & choices).

Order form software package

Your contact person: [user:Full Name],

You have ordered [flow:AmountOfPackages] software packages for a total price of: [flow:Total{Price].
Those will be shipped to you on [flow:WorkingDay]


Create reports 
Automatically create reports of each meeting.
Report of meeting

customer: [contact:Name]
advisor: [user:Full Name]
Date of online meeting: [flow:date]

Amount of order packages: [flowAmountOfPackages].
Autogenerate and send emails 
Send emails including (automatically generated) documents.
Hello [contact:Name],

It was a pleasure meeting you online. Find attached the order form.


[user:Full Name]

Tip: Attached you will find a sample XML code for the script we are using to sell Idiligo plus two example templates (in html).