Upload documents

With this feature you or your participant can upload files during the online conversation. Those files can be presented, sent, or sign during the online conversation. You can also retrieve them after the online conversation by clicking 'edit session'. 

Copy the code snippet into your script

<node id="Upload_documents" type="Upload">
<name>Upload documents</name>
<upload name="curriculum vitae" description="CV client" externalId="doc01" fileTypes="pdf,jpg" mandatory="false" />

After copying it, make sure to do the following:

1. Make sure the node id is unique. Give it a name / number (here: Upload_documents).

2. You can give the node a descriptive name (here: Upload documents).

3. Give an upload name (here curriculum vitae), a description (here: CV client), an externalId (here: doc01) and make sure to complete the fileTypes (here: pdf,jpg) - (all are possible, be careful: avoid spaces).

Each node can end with a goto field. If there is no goto step, the script will automatically jump to the next node. You can add, just before the </node> the following code <goto>nextNode</goto>, where nextNode needs to be replaced by the node id.

REMARK: In other nodes you can refer to this uploaded document by uploadId="doc01"

Tip watch: Video: Create your own Script (basic) to create your first own Script.