Autogenerate documents
Automatically generate PDFs out of filled in forms.

In a script, PDF documents can be autogenerated. Those documents can be emailed as attachment, signed and downloaded by the user and the participant. 

In order to generate a document, go to templates and create a new one. Give this template a code, description and start filling it. The template has a built-in editor which can be used. Or you can create the content with pure html. 

The template can be filled with fields gathered during the script. Add the following in case you have used a form in your script [flow:birth name]. Instead of “birth name” select any relevant name of database field (see forms). Or make use of the system field names: eg [user:Full Name]

Let's look at the technical implementation in Idiligo.

Go to 'Manage Templates' and klick 'New' for a new template or edit an existing template. Each template has a unique code and description (Prefix). The code of the template (here: template1) is given automatically and can be modified manually. Fill in a logical description for the template (here: My first template). 

These are the field names from the Code snippet - Fill in a form.

birth name
family name
Full Name of the User 
= Frank 
= Smith
= Idiligo

That´s how it looks in Idiligo.


My first template
Hello [flow:birth name] [flow:family name],

thank you for today´s online conversation.

Sincerely yours

[user:Full Name]

Now check the script by running 'Start new session'.

In Idiligo-Frontend it´s look like:

Hello Frank Smith,

thank you for today´s online conversation.

Sincerely yours