How do I send emails during an online meeting?

Click on 'send mail' in your control panel. Insert the email address of your participant or the intended recipient of the email and click on 'send'. The email will be sent to the recipient and your email address. 

How do I add attachments to an email?

Click on 'send mail' in your control panel. Select 'browse' to add documents. Select the checkbox of the documents you want to send and click on 'add'. To send the email with the selected documents click on 'send'. 

Presenting documents

What kind of documents can I present?

You can present the following file types during your online presentation:

  • PDF
  • PPTX
  • PNG

Can I change the document that I'm presenting?

During an online meeting, you can change the document you want to present by clicking on 'upload document' on your control panel. Click on 'browse' to upload the document, click on 'add' to add the document to the list. Select the document you want to present.

Can I permanently change a document?

Yes, to permanently change a document go to your document library. Your Document library can be found at 'resources' in the upper left corner of your starter screen and select 'documents'. Click on the document you want to replace, click on 'upload' to upload a new file and click on 'save' to save your document. 

Sign documents

How does signing a document work? 

There are two possibilities for deciding the placement of the signature on the document:

  • The signature will be placed on the bottom right corner of the document
  • Use sign-tags to decide the placement of the signature

However, the signing process is in both cases the same.

How to sign documents online?


Do I need to prepare the documents I want to get signed before the online meeting starts?

First, decide where you want to place the signature on the document. There are two options to place the signature:

  • The signature will automatically be placed on the bottom right corner of the document. You simply have to upload the document you wish to have signed as a PDF file and it is ready to be signed.
  • If you wish to place the signature(s) at a certain spot of the document, you will have to insert a sign tag, before saving it as a PDF.

There are two kinds of sign tags:

  • simple:  ##SIG{}
  • advanced (you can define the size of the signature): ##SIG{ x:'0mm',y:'-15mm',w:'5cm', h:'1.5cm'}


Are signatures carried out during an Idiligo online meeting legally binding? 

Please check the regulations of your country before using this service.

Upload documents

How do I upload documents or presentations during an online meeting?

In certain scripts, uploading a document or file is part of the script. If this is the case, you will actively be asked to upload a document. You can also upload a document for presentation purposes. Click on 'Upload document' in your control panel. Click on 'browse' to select the document you wish to present and click on 'add'. 

Can my participant also upload documents?

Yes, but your participant can only upload a document if the upload feature is part of the script.

Screen Sharing

How do I share my screen with my participant?

To share your screen select 'share my screen' in the main menu of your script. A pop-up will appear and offers two possibilities to share your screen with your participant. Click on the preferred option and click on 'share' for your participant to see your screen.

How do I stop sharing my screen with my participant?

To stop sharing your screen with your participant click on stop sharing screen in the bottom of your screen. 

Can my participant also share his/her screen?

No, only the host can share his/her screen.

What is the difference between the two options of sharing your screen?

The feature 'screen sharing' offers two possibilities. The first possibility is to share your whole screen with your participant and the other option is to share a specific app with your participant. To share a specific app click on 'app-window', select the preferred app and click on 'share'. You can only select an app that is already opened by the host. 

Fill-in forms

Can I or my participant fill in forms during an online meeting?

You and your participant are both able to fill in forms. If you want your participant to fill in the form you can switch the control by clicking on 'switch control' on your control panel. After the participant is done filling in the forms you can take back the control by clicking on the 'switch control' button on your control panel.