How to start an online meeting & invite a participant?


How can a participant join an online meeting?

Where can I find information and documents after the Online Meeting? 

Information and documents can be found at 'meetings' on your start screen. Click on the prefered meeting to see the meeting details. This contains general information, collected data, files and remarks.

Does a participant need an Idiligo account? 

No, a participant doesn’t need to sign up for an Idiligo account. A participant can simply join the online meeting via an email link or by entering the 'Meeting ID' after clicking on the 'Join meeting' button on the Idiligo website.

Can I stop an Online Meeting and continue at a later time? 

Yes, you can stop and continue an Idiligo Online Meeting any time. Close/end the Online Meeting properly by clicking ‘Close’. To continue the Online Meeting, go to ‘Meetings’ and click on the three dots of the Meeting you wish to continue. Click ‘start’ to start the Online Meeting. Like this, the Online Meeting will continue exactly where you left off before.

Is all information lost, if I end an Idiligo online meeting before going through the script all the way?

No, all information you have filled in will be saved and can be found in your meetings overview.