Idiligo will release the microsite feature on 1 March 2022. Until this date we are in pre launch and we invite partners and customer to test / develop their own use cases. Are you interested in being part of this program and not a partner yet, feel free to contact us.

For remarks and feedback, reach out to our support desk! See above for submitting a ticket. We look forward to your suggestions.

During an online meeting an advisor sends the participant a link to the microsite. A microsite is a temporary one-pager website created in Idiligo and can contain general information / meeting specific information and stuff to do for the participant. 

Step 1: create the microsite in Idiligo

Create a template in Idiligo (go to: resources/templates), which forms the basis of the microsite. This is done in HTML. 

Click here to download an example.

Next to any html content you can add elements out of Idiligo:

  • Documents from the library:
    Use the following code to download the document with [documentlib:Code]

  • Documents generated in the online meeting:
    Use the following code to download the document generated in the script with [attachment:TemplateCode]

  • Documents to be signed:
    Use the following code to sign the documents in the scipt with [call:Signatures]

  • Documents to be uploaded:
    Use the following code to upload documents, which are later available in the script with [call:Uploads]

  • During the online meeting uploaded documents:
    Use the following code to download documents, which we uploaded during the online meeting [upload:ExternalId]

  • Contact data of the advisor/organisation:
    See the list of field names.

Step 2: connect the template to your script

Add the following code snippet to your script. And replace "templatecode" by the actual code of the template


Place this code snippet in your script on the second line, just after <flow> and before <nodes>.

Step 3: build the necessary steps in your script

The link to the microsite can be send to the participant by sending an email (Node type Email). This email should contain the link to the Microsite. The link to the microsite is:

Additionally you can add choices in your script which activates html, in order for your advisors to decide during the Idiligo meeting, which content they want to appear on the microsite.