Advanced code snippets:

1. Invisible

    Nodes can be made invisible for the client (use visible="false")

<node id="Present_documents" type="File" visible="false">

2. Goto

    Each node can end with a goto field. Here the name of the node is mentioned where to jump to afterwards. <goto>node006</goto> 

    If there is no goto step the script will automatically jump to the next node.

3. Actions

    Optionally a node can have actions:

  • An alert (pop up notification)


<action type="Alert" trigger="Next" fireOnce="true" text="Are you sure?" />


  • Explanation of the command in alerts :
    • FireOnce=true: A user can visit this node multiple time, but the action is executed once
    • Trigger=Load: The action is performed when loading the node
    • Trigger=Next: The action is performed when stepping to the next node.
  • An email is sent out


   <action type="Mail" trigger="Load" fireOnce="true" text="The user completes the form!"   email="" />