Idiligo will support partners with generating leads. As a first step, you can be visible on the Idiligo website as a partner.

Complete the following form to do so:

Order link

As an Idiligo partner, you receive your own order link which you can put on your website, in your mailings, and on social media. You also have the opportunity to add Idiligo content to your website. Contact our Partner desk if you wish to make use of Idiligo's action buttons, the 'join meeting button', and to use our content. 


Idiligo offers the possibility to receive a 'certified partner logo' which can be used to boost your professional image.

Social media

Social media is an effective way to generate leads. To create awareness of our partnership you can:

- Start a joint social media campaign (contact our partner desk for the possibilities)

- Share our content on social media platforms

- Stay top of mind by sending out messages regularly using your social media platforms

For questions, contact our partner desk at: