Creating your own script can be split in two different phases:

  • 1: The concept phase, where the storyline and journey of the Online Meeting is designed
  • 2: The Implementation phase, where the Online Meeting script is actually being coded

1: The Concept phase:

In the concept phase you think about which meeting features you actually need for a successful Online Meeting. You can choose from a large variety of Online Meeting features. After you decided, which features you need, decide on the process and therefore put them into a logical order. This is called a 'storyline'. During the Online Meeting, Idiligo will then automatically lead you through this predefined process/your storyline.

2: The implementation phase:


1. Login to your account and go to ‘Resources’ -> ‘Scripts

2. Click 'New Script' to create a new script or edit an existing script.

Each script must have a unique code and description. Create a unique code (for example: 1234) and fill in a logical description for the script (e.g.: My first script)

3. Create the basic structure of the script. To do so, insert the Open and Close snippets. Copy these snippets into your script:



4. Start filling the script with your selected features (see storyline from the concept phase).

Fill the script with the code snippets of the features, which are called 'nodes'. Enter the code snippets of the features between the open and close snippets. Follow to the order of your storyline.

Click on the respective feature to see the code snippet.

Present documents
Present documents in different file formats to your participant and discuss them together.

Fill in forms
Define forms that you wish to complete together with your participant.

Make Choices
The choice function provides flexibility during your online meeting.

Share your screen
Simply show anything on your screen, like a live tariff calculator, while your participant is watching.

Upload documents
Use this feature to allow you and your participant to upload documents, such as a contract, an ID, or presentation.

Download documents
You and your participant can download documents during the online meeting.

Autogenerate and send emails 
Generate and send emails including meeting summaries, contracts or meeting invitations.

Sign documents 
Have contracts or order forms signed during your online meeting.

Html & embed iframes 
Embed external content such as YouTube videos, ads or much more into your online meeting.

Present videos
Present videos during your online meeting.

Present photos 
Present photos during your online meeting.

Autogenerate documents 
Automatically generate PDFs out of filled in forms.

Create reports 
Automatically create reports of each meeting. This can be a summary of the completed forms, discussed contracts or anything else.