Sending an email is usually a predefined step of the script. The text of the email is also predefined, either by the public script or by you, if you have created your own script.

In order to send the email, simply go through the following steps:

1. Check, whether the content of the email is correct

2. Click on the ‘Send Mail’ icon

3. If you wish to attach documents to the email, click ‘browse’

4. Activate the documents you wish to attach to the email in the list by clicking on the document.

Tip: If the document, you wish to attach, is already in the list, you don’t have to upload it again. You only have to activate the document.

5. Insert the email address of your participant or the intended recipient of the email

6. Click ‘send’ in order to send the email

Tip: When sending an email, you will automatically receive the email for your records, too.