First, decide where you want to place the signature on the document. There are two options to place the signature:

A. The signature will automatically be placed on the bottom right corner of the document. You simply have to upload the document you wish to have signed as a PDF file and it is ready to be signed.

B. If you wish to place the signature(s) at a certain spot of the document, you will have to insert a sign tag, before saving it as a PDF.

There are two kinds of sign tags:

  • simple: ##SIG{}
  • advanced (you can define the size of the signature): ##SIG{ x:'0mm',y:'-15mm',w:'5cm', h:'1.5cm'}

Follow these steps in order to place a sign tag:

1. Create the document you wish to have signed (e.g. contract, insurance policy, etc.)

2. Place a sign tag on each spot, where you want the signature to be placed. (we use the simple sign tag in our example)

3. Set the font color of the sign tag to white

4. Save the document as a PDF

5. Now, your document is ready for the sign process. During the sign process, the software will automatically identify the position of the sign tag and places the signature at this spot.

Tip: Read, how signing a document works