You can choose, whether you wish to invite the participant straight away (1) or at a later stage (2) (during the online meeting).

1. After having started the online meeting a pop-up appears:


A: Tell your participant to fill the participation code at the Idiligo website (join meeting). Read, 'How can my participant join an Idiligo online meeting?'


B: Copy and paste the link and send it to the participant


C: Idiligo automatically sends an email to the participant. Simply fill in the email address and click ‘Invite’.

Tip: If you wish to just go through or have a look at the script without anyone joining, just close this pop-up and continue. You can still invite your participant at a later stage (2).

2. In order to invite the participant at any time, simply click ‘invite participant’ on the right-hand side and the invitation pop-up of step 1 appears again.